Top 10 Most Densely Populated Countries in the World 2024

What are the most densely populated countries in the world? Perhaps surprisingly, the most populous countries in the world, India and China, are far from the most densely populated.

The fact is, India and China are simply too large to have the highest population density. In the same way that a stadium holds far more people in total but a bus is easier to fill to capacity, several tiny countries and territories fit far more people into each square kilometer than even the most populous large countries.

For example, the most densely populated country in the world in 2024 was the diminutive European country of Monaco. Located near the French Riviera on the northern edge of the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco has a population of fewer than 40,000 people compared to China’s 1.4 billion—but squeezes them into a mere two km² of land area (compared to China’s 9.7 million km²).

1st. Monaco – 18,000/km²

A highly developed capitalist country in southwestern Europe. Although the land area is only 20,800 square kilometers, the inhabited population is as high as 36,297,000, with a population density of 18,000 persons per square kilometer.

2nd. Singapore – 8,250/km²

An island nation in South-East Asia and one of the smallest developed countries in the world. Its population density is about 8,250 persons per square kilometer, the second highest in the world.

3rd. Bahrain – 2,239/km²

Bahrain is a small Arab country. It is experiencing significant development, attracting inhabitants in search of job opportunities and a high quality of life.

4th. Maldives – 1,802/km²

The Maldives is highly populated, with a large number of people migrating due to the availability of high-quality education, medical services, and job opportunities. Despite having over 1000 islands, only around 200 are inhabited, leading to overcrowding, particularly in the capital city of Male.

5th. Malta – 1.380/km²

The island nation in the center of the Mediterranean Sea is known as the heart of the Mediterranean and the backyard of Europe. Its population density is 1,379.86 persons per square kilometer.

6th. Bangladesh – 1265/km²

One of the oldest peoples of the South Asian subcontinent, with a land area of 147,500 square kilometers and a population of about 160 million, with a population density of about 1,265.2 persons per square kilometer.

7th. Barbados – 668/km²

Barbados ranks as the seventh most densely populated country in the world, with a majority of its population concentrated in Bridgetown and its surrounding areas. The country is also widely popular among tourists due to its stunning beaches.

8th. Mauritius – 626/km²

High fertility rates, low mortality rates, and tourism contribute to Mauritius’ high population density. Mauritius is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

9th. Nauru – 541/km²

Nauru is known for its phosphate mining industry, which offers employment opportunities. Despite its small overall population, Nauru’s limited land area of 21 km² leads to a high population density.

10th. Rwanda – 525/km²

Rwanda has a fertility rate of 3.67 births per woman, contributing to its population growth. Rwanda will be among the top 10 most densely populated countries in the world in 2024.